GARY WOLFE, Treasurer

Mr. Wolfe retired in 2002 from FET Test, Inc., a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer in San Jose, California, where he had been employed for the previous 25 years as General Manager. Mr. Wolfe is one of BAN’s new board members. After arriving in Tucson in June of 2002, he became involved in Humane Borders as a volunteer. He did ride-alongs for several months before he became a driver. He then drove the Ironwood Forest water run for the next 5 years. Mr. Wolfe became the Treasurer for Humane Borders in May of 2009 and continues to drive and ride-along as time permits This endeavor, along with regular volunteer activity with Habitat for Humanity, has been one of the most rewarding experiences Mr. Wolfe has encountered. He considers the volunteers at Humane Borders to be a dedicated and focused group with a never-ending goal of removing death from the undocumented migration equation. Mr. Wolfe hopes to continue work within the border movement until his services are no longer needed to save lives along the Arizona border.